Two Interior Design Tips for Office Owners


If you're decorating your office, here are some interior design tips to follow. Avoid cosy décor and colour palettes It is generally best to avoid décor or colour palettes that create a cosy atmosphere for the office. This includes darker, warmer wall colours (like burgundy or dark green) as well as thick, heavy curtains, plush carpets with busy patterns and soft, ambient lighting. Instead, you should stick with light neutrals, pale-coloured Venetian blinds or sheer white roller blinds, clear or white ceiling shades and either a short-pile plain carpet or hard flooring material.

2 September 2021

Could Your Home Benefit From a Window Screen?

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Your home is the place that you go to escape from the outside world. A home should be a place of safety and somewhere that you can relax and enjoy time with friends and family. However, in every home, there can be hidden dangers that could spoil your enjoyment. Some dangers may result from human intervention, but some, like flies, are a feature of the natural world. You may not be bothered by flies and other insects most of the time.

5 August 2021